Save Our Oceans

Discover our collection of bibs, hats and mitts, featuring our exclusive ocean prints and made from 100% organic cotton.

About Our Clothing

We prioritise sustainable and environmental processes at each stage of production.

Our organic cotton is GOTS certified at source; as a small business it would be a big investment to get our own GOTS certificate at this stage but if you would like to see our source GOTS certificate please get in touch. Our thread and labels are all organic too!

We digitally print our jersey as this prevents wasted ink and uses a lot less water than traditional printing processes.

The garments are then made in the UK and we use metal prong poppers as they are the safest for babies on jersey fabrics and easier to recycle than plastic. 

We aim to use or repurpose any leftover materials and we hope you like the extra products we can create with the waste materials.

We only use recycled packaging products that are easily recycled again. Our whole process is set up for minimal impact on the planet and maximum joy for you!

If you would like any more info on why organic is better please check out our instagram; or the Soil Association Society is an amazing resource.

Organic Cotton

Made in the UK

Recyclable Packaging

Behind the Brand

I’m Lucy the founder of Ted and Dino. 

Having worked in fashion, wardrobe and events since 2010, I have encountered fast fashion with tight budgets and beautiful fashion with ostentatious prices. The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to our environmental impact.

I decided if I was going to design and create a product it needed to be something to be proud of. Clothing that would go a small way to changing the way we can buy and wear more ethically. What better way to start than at the beginning, with the very first thing your new-born eco warriors’ wear.


I am by no means the perfect pure example of a Guru Eco warrior ‘fighting for the cause’. Kudos to all those Woodstock hippie gals swaddling their bambinos all the way to a guilt free life. I do not live a waste free life; vegetarian not vegan (I love a slice of cake). However that does not mean I can’t, like all of us, make small changes that could amount to big impacts.

Hoping you will join me in making small changes for big futures.